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I'm a games developer based in Australia. I'm what they call a "garage" developer meaning I don't have any real resources (or talent according to some critics).

In fact since I already had a laptop before I started, and MS Paint / XNA Games Studio was free, I only spent $39 building my game which was to buy some music editing software (Can, like, 56 of you guys buy my XBox game so I can break even???)

You won't find any Mario rip offs on this site ("Let's give him maroon overalls and call him Bario!"). Nor will you find the latest "me too" shooter using a generic free game engine.

What you will find on this site are original games. Innovative games that you will not find anywhere else...That is until somebody rips off my games and makes millions where I failed (Bights Out anybody?)

I hope you enjoy my games and share them with your family and friends.

I am always thinking of new and innovative games. Stay tuned!