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Name: Cat Stack
Release: Apr 2016

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  This game was enjoyable to make

I wanted to make a game that was fun but also cute and visually appealing

I can't remember where the idea came from but I can assure you it wasn't based on a true story :)

So yeah, you have to stack cats on top of one another

  The rules are simple. Line up three of the same coloured cat. The more combos you get, the higher the points

Use the arrow keys to move your tile. Press the A key to rotate the tile

If your cat stack reaches 5 cats high it's game over (and if you run out of room)


If you use a mouse or a touch device you can rotate the tile by clicking on it
You can also move it left or right by clicking left / right of the tile
Click the grass to make the tile fall

After 10 seconds the game gets a little bit faster

A butterfly will appear to let you know each time the game speeds up

The more butterflies the faster the game!