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Name: Escape Pod
Release: Jan 2014

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  Escape Pod was an accidental game. Zombie games seem to be the latest craze so this was mine: A zombie protagonist that collects numbers and symbols to count to a specific number; meanwhile trying to avoid psychopathic rabbits as well as the on-rail shooters that seem to follow zombies everywhere they go.

I wasn't happy with it but somewhere along the line I got the idea of using my rabbit enemy AI to create a "race to the middle" game

Escape Pod was born

The enemy always finds the shortest path to the escape pod.

This may sound obvious but some of the puzzles contain tricks and red herrings.

In some of the levels the path you choose will depend on the choice the enemy makes. Rest assured the enemy will always be looking to get to the pod.

  Escape Pod is a turn based game. First you move a tile, then the enemy moves a tile

In some puzzles you will need to hit a switch to toggle the spikes on in order to block the enemy's path. In other puzzles it is quicker to ignore the switches

There are 8 different worlds. Each world comes with new tiles and obstacles to overcome

The step tile will disappear once the player walks off it
The water tile will kill the player if you do not exit the water after 10 steps

There are 120 levels in total

  If you get to the pod before the enemy you win!

First attempt: Gold pod and 50 points
Second attempt: Silver pod and 25 points
Third attempt: Bronze pod and 10 points
Other attempts: Normal pod and 1 point

The level select screen shows how many pods you have won, how many pods the enemy has won, and your total score

You can also see which levels you have passed and which ones you have given up on

If you pass a level (or fail it twice) you will see a picture of it. This will allow you to study it before one more attempt

  The scorecard shows you what colour pod you managed to get for each level, as well as your overall grade

A+ All Gold Pods
A 90% Gold Pods
B 80% Gold Pods
C 70% Gold Pods
D 60% Gold Pods
F Less than 60% Gold Pods

If you fail a level twice you can give up on it. This allows you to think things through a little bit more before one last attempt at a bronze pod.

Oh, and Pecha Kucha (that white block thingo) can be a little bit rude when you fail a level

  You can silence Pecha Kucha in the options screen

You can also change the music and sound effects volume

If you want to restart your progress you can do so here. This will not delete any levels you have created

The Xbox version of Escape Pod has a level editor so you can create your own puzzles! (Press Y on the title screen)

The enemy will look for the pod first; then a key / lock; and finally a switch / spike. If it can't see either it will give up its turn

Most levels you are trying to design should work