Actually nobody has asked me any questions, haha

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The Phone game is free but the XBox Indie game costs $1. Why?
I'm not allowed to put free games in the XBox Indie store otherwise it would be free.

Is there a difference between the Phone and XBox versions?
There are a few minor differences to make the best out of console vs portable device but essentially the game is the same.

So I'm not missing out by getting the free version?
Correct. I want to ensure you get the best possible gaming experience regardless of which platform you play on.

Your Android games don't work on my older phone
I have only been building Android games since June 2014. While I am confident the games themselves are bug free there is still a lot I need to learn about getting the best results out of the Android platform.

My games take about 50-60M of memory. New phones allocate 64M for applications where as older phones allocate 30-40M

Once I have learnt more about memory performance and backwards compatability techniques I will fix any performance errors with older phones.

Will there be a version of all your games for iOS?
I am going to start learning iOS over the next few months. Expect a version of all my games soon after

I have also began the blueprints for my next title but you'll have to wait a little longer for that :)