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Name: JewellCity
Release: Jul 2014

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  JewellCity is the opposite to those dime a dozen tile games out there. In this game you don't necessarily want to line up 3 colours in a row!
As you stack the house tiles into the playing area you'll notice little houses growing on them (awwww!).

The main goal of the game is to get the biggest population.

The number of residents each house tile gets depends on the tiles next to it.

  Tiles that touch the power tile will get power. Obviously residents like having electricity. They also like living next to tiles with electricity.

It is also worth protecting your best tiles...Just in case of a disaster

Oh, and line up three tiles in a row and the tiles on top of it will tumble down (losing any houses on them).

This is a look at the game in action. On the right you can see the following:
. Date, population and money
. Next tile/s
. Press Y for Mayor (or touch icon)
. Your score and the current record

Press R (or touch) to toggle goal

  When you press X (or touch the icon) it will bring up a description of the next tile/s

If you see something strange coming up, be sure to open the help window to see what it may do to your city

The mayor screen will help you work out which tiles have the best impact on house tiles

It will show you where your population is and how the surrounding tiles affect it

Press Y (or touch) to see which tiles are protected
Press X (or touch) to see your potential population

Press R (or touch) to save and quit

  The game will end if you run out of room or money

Each tile costs $1 but you will earn money from combos (10c for first tile, 20c for second tile, 30c for third tile etc...)

ie- clearing 3 tiles will earn you 60c. Clearing 4 tiles will earn you $1

The game will also end if you reach the year 2000. I'm not sure if this is even possible but if you get there let me know how long it took.

There are 9 different goals in the game

You can win 6 medals for each goal type (and win a bonus medal if you can beat my record)

Some goals will see you stacking tiles and lining up colours like a normal tile game. Others will have you strategically stacking them to get the best population.

I'm sure you'll find a style of game that keeps you entertained for hours!

I hope you enjoy JewellCity :)