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Name: Lights Out
Release: Dec 2012

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  Lights Out was the first game I made. Of all the games I have made this one is still my favourite.

I like the blend of humour and game play. It can also be challenging and at times cruel.

I have had to play through this game so many times in playtesting and I never get tired of it :)

The Windows Phone and Xbox Indie version had the interfaces touched up in July 2014 to make things clearer. If you have the old version make sure you update it

There are 100 levels across 10 different worlds.

There are also 300 coins to collect (you don't need to pass the level to keep any coins collected)

Use the arrows to toggle between worlds

  When you start the level you will see the map in its entirety.

Once you are ready to begin touch the light (or press X) to turn the light off.

This is how you have to play the game.

If you forget where you are, touch the light again (or Press Y). You can turn on the light twice

Down the bottom you can see how many times you have turned the light on, number of coins collected, time remaining, and the current tiles you are standing on.

  Each world has challenges of its own. In the cave world you can only see a small section of the map when you turn the light on
I hope you enjoy LightsOut. I have had so much fun with this game I will make a sequel one day